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non-governmental organization

(ONG )

is aassociation à but non lucratif, of public interest, which is not the responsibility of the State or of international institutions. NGOs do not have the status of a subject forinternational law.

The habit is to reserve the term for non-profit corporations financed by private funds. The main criteria defining an NGO are as follows

  • the non-profit purpose of his action;
  • financial independence;
  • political independence;
  • the notion of public interest.

the notion of public interest.  Moral person who, although not agouvernement, intervenes in the national or international field. International legal relations are traditionally relations only between states (or between governments). Sometimes we consider International Committee of the Red Cross (CICR)
as the ancestor of NGOs, although having a specific hybrid status vis-à-vis the states.

In the case of international organizations, we also speak of d’International Solidarity Association (ASI) ou d’international non-governmental organizations. En France, le secteur des ASI emploie près de 51 000 people in full-time equivalent 71% de salariés


he different NGOs and their field of intervention

These associations concern Human Rights (Amnesty International, ACAT, ATD Quart Monde ou Human Rights Watch),the fight against hunger (Action contre la faim), access to clean water, fight against diseases (AMREF Flying Doctors),

child protection(France map, Fondation Terre des hommes,

schooling (help and action), the global economy (Mouvements altermondialistes comme ATTAC), the fight against poverty (ADA),
ecology (Friends of the Earth) ou alors la protection de la nature (Greenpeace, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ou WWF). These organizations are so numerous that they cover the entire political, social and philosophical and anthropological spectrum, sometimes even for the defense of very limited interests, sometimes even very few altruists.