Commission Nationale du Cameroun pour l'UNESCO

Les guerres prenant naissance dans l'esprit des hommes,
C'est dans l'esprit des hommes,
Que doivent être élevées les défenses de la paix

Permanent Delegation to Unesco

Whereas the representation to the States is at the level of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, High Representatives, the one at the International Organizations is at the level of Representatives and or Permanent Delegates according to the Organization.
While the functions of the Diplomatic Head of Mission are to represent, negotiate, inform, promote and defend the interests of his country and his nationals, they are the same with the International Organizations except that they must reflect the specificities of this organization in relation to its constituent act. In this case, according to the UNESCO Constitution “ Wars arising in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be built up “. This is to say the importance and emphasis on the culture of Peace, Tolerance etc … UNESCO has in its attributions, the Education of Science, and Culture and Delegations must guide their activities in relation to these areas of competence.

The role of Representation

The Permanent Delegate represents his country at meetings organized by Unesco or under aegis. he assists his country’s delegations to meetings in which they take part in the framework of Unesco.

The role of Information

this role is played in two ways:

in the direction of UNESCO

The Permanent Delegate informs Unesco of the activities of his country (Unesco’s field of competence and politic area).

in the direction of his country

he also informs his country of the activities of Unesco in this respect, addresses periodic activity reports to his Government

the interface role of cooperation

The Permanent Delegate works for the promotion of good relations between Unesco and the State. After having measured the interest and the necessity, he makes suggestions on the programs and axes of cooperation beneficial for his country.
Similarly, it monitors the on-site cooperation, ensuring that the projects introduced by its Government evolve normally. These are the same roles he plays with regard to the other permanent delegations as well as the permanent missions of observation.

The role of negotiation and protection

The Permanent Delegate ensures the smooth running of the career of officials from his country and applies in the field the policy of placement of carders defined by his country.