Commission Nationale du Cameroun pour l'UNESCO

Les guerres prenant naissance dans l'esprit des hommes,
C'est dans l'esprit des hommes,
Que doivent être élevées les défenses de la paix

General Assembly of the National Commission

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the National Commission.
As such, she:

  • Determines the direction and general guidelines for the execution of the National Commission’s missions ;
  • Statutes on the draft policy of cooperation between the Republic of Cameroon and UNESCO, prepared by the General Secretariat, for approval by the Government ;
  • Approves the program of action of the General Secretariat and assesses its implementation;
  • Approves national requests and projects to be submitted for Unesco’s assistance.

The general meeting is composed as follows:

  1. President : the Minister in charge of Basic Education
  2. Vice-presidents :
    • The Minister in charge of external relations;
    • The Minister in charge of secondary education;
    • The Minister in charge of higher education;
    • The Minister in charge of culture ;
    • The Minister in charge of scientific research
  3. Members by right:
    • A representative of the Presidency of the Republic;
    • A Representative of the Senate ;
    • Le Permanent Delegate
    • A Representative of the National Assembly;
    • A Representative of the services of the Prime Minister;
    • A Représentative of the Economic and Social Council;
    • Representatives of Ministerial Departments ;
    • Representatives of University intitutions ;
    • Officials of Categorie 2 Centers
    • Official of ASPnets Associated Schools
    • President of the National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations
  4. Experts :
    • Six (06) personalities from the world of education and training, science, culture and communication, chosen according to their skills;
    • Former representatives of Cameroon on the Executive Board of Unesco.
  5. On the proposal of the minister in charge of basic education, the experts are appointed by order of the Prime Minister for a term of four years renewable once. They sit on the National Advisory Commission

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