Commission Nationale du Cameroun pour l'UNESCO

Les guerres prenant naissance dans l'esprit des hommes,
C'est dans l'esprit des hommes,
Que doivent être élevées les défenses de la paix

The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat of the National Commission is made up of all administrative and technical services contributing to the functioning of the National Commission.
The General Secretariat is headed by a Secretary General appointed by the President of the Republic. He exercises his functions under the authority of the President of the National Commission.


The General Secretariat is in charge of the administration, the coordination of all the administrative and technical services and the management of the human, material and financial resources of the National Commission.
As such, he:

  • take the necessary measures to organize the work of the National Commission;
  • ensures the administrative coordination and implementation of the activities of the National Commission;
  • prepares the budget, the annual financial statements, the action programs and the activity reports of the national commission;
  • puts in the state the files to submit for the examination of the general assembly and the executive committee;
  • provides the secretariat for the meetings of the General Assemblies and the Executive Committee;
  • collect and centralize information on Unesco programs and activities;
  • monitors and implements the relations and recommendations of the General Assembly;
  • ensures the training and retraining of the staff of the General Secretariat;
  • centralizes and maintains the archives and documentation of the National Commission
  • carry out all the diligences which are prescribed to him by the President of the National Commission
  • the Secretary General receives from the President of the National Commission, delegation of the signature in administrative and financial matters;

Organs of the General Secretariat

The General Secretariat includes:

  • Education and Formation Section
  • Exact and Natural Sciences Section
  • Human and Social Section
  • Culture and Communication Section
  • Documentation Center
  • General Affairs Sections


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Organic Texts of the Cameroon NATCOM for UNESCO